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Tampa Real Estate Blog

For Tampa Bay Shark Population People Not on the Menu

Tampa Realtor Sandy Ernst is a longtime resident of the Bay area. As such, she is well aware of the creatures living beneath the surface of the water and is offering insight into the Bay area’s shark population and how to coexist with our toothy nei... Read more

Top Tips to Prepare for Tampa Bay Hurricane Season 2017

For years Floridians were lucky enough not to experience a direct hit by a hurricane. That ended in 2016 when the state got a double dose with Hurricane Hermine hitting the west coast followed by the more powerful Hurricane Matthew hitting the east coast.... Read more

The Top Tampa Moving Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

The summer months are the busiest of the year for moving and relocations throughout the Tampa Bay area. Families are trying to move as soon the school year ends to make sure they have ample time to get settled before the new school year starts. Snowbirds ... Read more

The Most Common Myths About Selling Your South Tampa Home

When you’re ready to sell your South Tampa home, family and friends will be ready and willing to provide a wide variety of their personal opinions on the process. But how to you separate fact from fiction when selling one of your most valuable asset... Read more

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