Overlooking the sparkling blue waters of Tampa Bay, Bayshore Blvd. delivers a breathtaking panoramic view of Downtown Tampa. But this iconic South Tampa boulevard offers much more.

Grand Tampa Estates Blend with Exclusive Condo/Townhome Living

Bordered on one side by the nation’s longest continuous sidewalk and seawall dividing land from water, Bayshore Blvd. is home to the most elegant, old Florida mansions in the city.

This area represents the origins of grand estate living in Tampa with residences built in the early 1900’s still standing beside new construction that has been meticulously designed and built to uphold the highest standards of the area.

Because of the location overlooking the water, plus the history and prestige of the area, homes along Bayshore Blvd. are some of the most exclusive in the city but worth every penny to buyers. These estates offer one-of-a-kind living experiences and, in the off chance that one comes to market, are met with a uniquely motivated group of buyers.

And beyond luxurious estate living Bayshore Blvd. offers a wide variety of condo/townhome living which share the Bay/Downtown views but at high-rise vantage points and with the luxury amenities that reflect the area’s standards.

Jog or Evening Stroll with the Best Bay/Downtown Views

The sidewalk along Bayshore Blvd. (measuring more than six miles in length) parallels the waterfront and has been developed by the city to provide a variety of outdoor activities for everyone from the most motivated athlete to the couple looking for a romantic evening stroll along the Bay.

The park developed along the sidewalk has grown to become the waterfront gym for South Tampa residents. On a daily/nightly basis you’ll find people walking, jogging, biking (there are designated bike lanes on the Blvd. for those looking for speed), rollerblading on the sidewalk along with other active people utilizing the strategically placed exercise stations along the route to get a complete body workout at his/her own pace.

Others prefer to take a slower approach to enjoying the views with a leisurely stroll while socializing with neighbors or taking their happy dogs for a walk along the waterfront.

In fact, if you walk toward Downtown, you’ll find Jose Gasparilla’s ship moored waiting for Tampa’s parade season to kick off where festivities wind straight down Bayshore Blvd. toward their final destination of Downtown Tampa.