It’s hard to imagine that prior to 2010, to be a home inspector in Florida the only thing anyone needed was to pay for the license. No training. No requirements. Nothing.

But today’s homeowners can rest easy knowing that laws now require extensive coursework and strict certification standards to become a licensed home inspector. But, even with the tougher standards, you must be diligent in choosing the right inspector for you before buying a Tampa home which means getting answers to questions such as the following.

Get to Know the Inspector’s Background

Start your search by getting referrals (your Tampa Realtor can help) and then asking some basic questions: How long has the home inspector been in business? How many homes similar to yours has he/she inspected in the past? Will they be providing a complete written report detailing what they find – both good and bad? Will they offer suggestions on what repairs are needed and which are simply cosmetic?

Go Beyond Certification: Education and Experience

With introductory information in hand, take the next step to explore the details on the inspector’s education and work experience.

  • What is their education and training? Do these things enhance their expertise and value as a Tampa home inspector beyond their certification?
  • Does your prospective home inspector have extensive building, construction and remodeling experience?
  • Are they knowledgeable in plumbing, electrical and AC/heating above and beyond certification requirements?

Inspect The Inspector’s Insurance Coverage

Before hiring any Tampa home inspector make sure they have adequate insurance such as General Liability coverage. General Liability insurance covers the inspector and the home owner in cases where the inspector accidentally damages the property or is injured while on the property.

In addition to General Liability, a good home inspector should also carry Error and Omissions insurance which covers you if the inspector fails to disclose home issues and you discover after closing that those major issues weren’t reported.

Do Your Due Diligence

When looking at Tampa homes for sale it is crucial to do your due diligence before hiring a home inspector. Check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure the inspection business is in good standing as well as verify that the home inspector’s license is valid.

And remember that a very valuable resource – the experience and professional network of Tampa Realtor Sandy Ernst – is available to help you find the right home inspector.