An experienced Tampa real estate agent will know the exact steps needed to list your home at the right price, attract qualified buyers quickly, and sell your property for top dollar.

Beyond curb appeal, generating a successful sale means creating an immediate “Wow!” first impression with buyers the moment they step inside your home. Staging your home to create that great first impression can be achieved with the guidance and experience of your Realtor or by hiring a professional home staging company (Realtor Sandy Ernst has the contacts to help you find the right stager if needed).

Why take the time and effort to stage you home? Let’s look at the facts:

1. Staged Tampa Listings Sell for More Money:

If using a professional home staging company, the average cost is 1% to 3% of a typical home’s asking price. But, staging has been shown to generate a return of 8% to 10% over non-staged homes! The net result is that the typical Tampa Bay home seller will actually make money by staging.

2. The Real Cost of Staging can be Zero:

As shown in #1, staging your home, even if using a professional, can actually make you money. It’s also a fact that staging can pay for itself through saved holding costs due to a faster sale in addition to a higher sales price.

3. Staged Homes Sell Faster:

Staging has proven to sell homes up to 70% faster than non-staged homes saving Tampa home sellers thousands in taxes, insurance and holding costs. Further, statistics have shown that the longer a home stays on the market, the further below list price it drops.

4. Staged Homes Make Buyers Feel at Home:

Few buyers can “visualize” how the home will look when they live there so show them by staging to make them feel already at home. Vacant homes lack warmth. Cluttered homes induce stress. If you can’t see your home through the eyes of a buyer, you can’t successfully present your home. Your Tampa Realtor has the experience to create a true dream home out of your property – very important to listen to their input.

5. You’ll Beat the Competition Online:

More than 90% of typical home buyers, such as Tampa Bay home buyers, begin their search on the Internet. This allows them to look first before deciding to visit. Staging showcases your home in the absolute best possible way online and gives buyers a reason to contact the Tampa real estate listing agent to take a tour of your home. The competitive edge is yours.

When it comes to staging, often only minor changes are needed to enhance the character and charm of your home and everyone’s goal is to use the furniture, furnishings, etc., currently in the home to reduce expenses while maximizing return.

If you have any questions about the advantages of staging your Tampa home for sale Realtor Sandy Ernst will be happy to help.