Summer is here and people are moving into new homes throughout the Tampa Bay area – and so are their pets. While moving to a new home in Tampa can be a stressful undertaking, the stress is not limited to people. The emotional impact that new surroundings can have on a pet – a pet who knows the layout, smells, people, etc., of your current home and neighborhood – must be addressed before any move is made.

Tampa Realtor Sandy Ernst has guided many, many home buyers through the moving process and offers the following tips on how to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible for your pets.

Before the Move

While your Tampa home purchase may look clean, pets will pick up on odors people can’t detect. Sandy recommends doing or hiring a deep clean of the new home prior to moving in. There can be an issue that the previous owner’s pet “marked” his or her territory inside the home. Having the home thoroughly cleaned prior to moving in should help alleviate the urge for your pet to do the same.

Introduce your cat or dog to the new house prior to moving to help acclimate them to their new surroundings. Give them a walking tour both inside and out (if they’re an outdoor pet).

Take your dog on a walk through the neighborhood and to any dog parks you may be visiting so they can begin to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. This step can help to eliminate anxiety once you actually move in so at the very least your new home is not brand new to your pets.

Also, be sure to pet-proof your new home such as plugging areas where your pet could get stuck, making sure that all windows have secure screens, removing any potentially poisonous houseplants and removing any pest-control poison traps left anywhere in the house.

During the Move

With so much activity taking place during a move it’s possible that a pet can get lost. Have a detailed plan before starting to move your pet to the new home so their safety remains a top priority. This means having, ready to go, a pet moving crate, leash, collar, or whatever you may need to control your pet during the move.

Also soothe your pet during the move. You are taking them out of their comfort zone and they will be nervous.

Once in Your New Home

It’s recommended that once you’re in your new home that you limit your pet to one room only at the beginning. They will adjust to this room and consider it their safe zone. In this room put any favorite toys, food, water, a cat box, etc. They will feel safe in this room and can begin to explore the rest of their new surroundings with confidence.

Questions? Sandy is Ready to Help

If you have questions about any issues surrounding the sale or purchase of a Tampa area home Realtor Sandy Ernst will be happy to assist and provide the information you need.