Waterfront real estate throughout the Tampa Bay area can deliver breathtaking views and tropical living.

Whether you’re interested in buying a home on one of Tampa’s coveted islands or investing in a waterfront condominium or townhouse, there is a wide selection of waterfront properties for sale!

To get a feel for what’s available, the following links can show you some of the waterfront properties currently on the market.

Life Near the Water

After you’ve found your dream waterfront home while browsing through our database of Tampa real estate listings, take into account that the proximity of the property to the water can make a major difference.

Do you want to walk off your back patio and jump into the water? Is a short walk or drive to the nearest dock okay? Do you need an attached boat slip on property or is renting a slip for your boat nearby okay? Do the water views meet your criteria?

Insurance and Upkeep

What are the two primary, long-term considerations when thinking about buying a Tampa waterfront home? Insurance and upkeep.

Homeowner’s insurance in Florida is never inexpensive, especially if adding flood insurance becomes a necessity depending on where the home is located.

And, even though the Tampa Bay has fared moderately well with hurricanes in recent years, there’s always a chance of a tropical strength storm hitting the area which insurers will consider in your rate plan.

It’s just a fact that homes directly on the water will cost more to insure than inland homes since those properties are at a higher risk for damage.

In addition to insurance considerations is upkeep of your property. Saltwater increases wear and tear on paint and exterior surfaces and even when contractors use materials that allow for years of maintenance free use you may still find yourself maintaining a home on the water more than an inland home.

When you take steps to keep your home in great shape, you’ll reap the benefits by enjoying it for many, many years!